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Navigate through the stages below to learn about your experience:

Arrive for Your Surgery

  • Check in at front office with a family member
  • Please arrive an hour before your scheduled procedure. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures
  • Bring your insurance with photo ID or driver’s license. If special financial arrangements are necessary, please call the facility prior to admission
  • Please bring a list of the medications with dosages you are taking, including supplements
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to accommodate any splints or dressings at discharge
  • Review paperwork. If you have filled out our registration form ahead of time, please remember to bring it with you.

Meet With Your Nurse

When your paperwork is in order, a nurse will bring you to a pre-op room where they will:

  • Confirm the procedure with you
  • Verify that you have not had anything to eat or drink since midnight
  • Reconcile your medications and allergies
  • Verify your birth day and correct spelling of your name, and then place an ID band and an allergy band on your wrist
  • Verifiy that you have a safe ride home and someone to take care of you while you recover
  • If necessary, perform a pregnancy test or present a waiver to sign
  • Give you a gown and a warm blanket
  • Start an IV
  • Review your health history
  • Begin discharge education
  • Remove dentures, jewelry, and contacts
  • Give you premedication for nausea, anxiety, or acid reflux if needed
  • Give you an opportunity to empty your bladder prior to proceeding to the operating room
  • Clip surgical site if indicated
  • Complete pre-scrub
  • Apply a Sequential Surgical Device if indicated

Review With Your Physician & Anesthesiologist

After your nurse has completed their work, you will meet with your physician and anesthesiologist. They will perform a series of tasks to make your procedure as safe and effective as possible.


  • Marks the surgical site
  • Discusses risks, benefits, options, and after care instructions
  • Provides numbers to call with questions or concerns after you leave the center
  • Provide written prescription for pain medication if indicated
  • Answer all of your questions


  • Review the procedure with you
  • Discuss options for anesthesia
  • Review health history for you and your family members
  • Review anesthesia history
  • Assesses need for a block (regional anesthesia)
  • Discuss risks and benefits of a block )regional anesthesia)
  • Perform physical assessment of your airway
  • Answer all of your questions

Time for Your Surgery

We have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, your nurse, physician, and anesthesiologist have answered your questions, and now we’re ready to begin.

Your family is welcome to stay in the waiting room or leave the facility if you are over 18. They will be invited to join you in the recovery room once you are through the first phase of recovery.

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