Spine Surgery

Who is a Candidate for Spinal Surgery?

Back pain can be very disruptive to everyday life. When all other rehabilitation methods have been attempted, surgery often becomes the most promising method of treatment for patients who have long-suffered from pain or who have recently had an injury to the neck or back.

What Surgeries do Our Specialists Perform?

Our specialists can perform several different spinal surgeries to improve your spinal health:


o Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, 1 level (includes hardware)
o Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, 2 levels (includes hardware)

Cervical fusion refers to a number of surgical procedures that deal with joining together two or more bones of the neck. Often used to treat fractures or severe arthritis of the neck, the fusion can alter the range of motion for the patient (usually quite minimally.) But for someone suffering from incessant pain, the resulting limitation will be worth the alleviation of pain and an improvement in overall function.


o Lumbar Fusion, 1 level
o Lumbar Fusion, 2 level
o Lumbar Laminectomy

In the procedure known as lumbar fusion, two ore more bones in the lower back are joined together. Any number of traumas or conditions might warrant this type of treatment- from scoliosis, to arthritis, a fracture, or even a disc prolapse. Meanwhile, lumbar laminectomy (also known as decompression surgery) involves removing part of the vertebra to make space and relive pressure.

In addition to the surgeries listed above, our specialists are able to perform the minimally invasive procedure called microdiscectomy. It is employed to relieve pressure from the nerves which might be causing a patient back pain. The benefit of this type of procedure is that it is performed with technology that allows the surgeon to operate without having to make such a large incision. This means a quicker recovery time with less pain for the patient.

Choosing the Right Treatment Option

The circumstances of every patient are different, so our specialists’ goal is to help you develop a treatment plan that will produce the desired outcome while ensuring your recovery is on track. Sometimes a procedure may require a lengthier hospital stay, other times a patient may be eligible for a 23 hour stay, extended version of day surgery.

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