What is Orthopedics?

If you have ever experienced a sprain, fracture or torn ligament you may have already seen an orthopedic specialist. As a specialty, orthopedics deals with all conditions concerning the musculoskeletal system. Specialists in this area are trained to deal with virtually all disorders related to your muscles or bones. They are also skilled at diagnosing and treating ailments involving interrelated parts such as joints, tendons, and sometimes even the nerves and skin.

Common injuries that an orthopedic specialist my see you for can occur from normal everyday activities including carpal tunnel, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, trigger finger, arthritis pain, and tennis elbow. They may also deal with injuries that result from an accident such as concussions, rib pain, and rib fractures.

Orthopedic Surgery

When an injury is especially severe, more invasive treatment may be required. Hip arthroscopy is minimally invasive but may be performed to view the joint without the need for a large incision. Examples of more significant procedures include joint replacement of the knee, hip, or shoulder which are performed by orthopedic surgeons.

Our surgeons can perform all these procedures as well as shoulder and elbow surgery, hand and microvascular surgery, foot and ankle surgery, and knee repair related to the meniscus and ACL. We also have professionals skilled in orthopedic traumatology.

As you can see, the orthopedic specialty covers a wide range of treatments.

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Dr. Alon Antebi, DO

Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery, Fellowship Trained in Orthopedic Trauma.

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Board Certified Orthopedic Surgery, fellowship trained adult reconstruction and joint replacement

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